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Bund Garden Shanghai (Bund Garden Shanghai), Das Hotel, ehemals ein westliches Kirchengebäude, das in 19208 gebaut wurde, befindet sich im Bund-Gebiet, das die Quelle der Shanghai Stil-Kultur symbolisiert. Es wurde von der berühmten Bama Danny Architekturfirma zu dieser Zeit entworfen (viele Huangpu Beach-Gebäude wie die berühmte HSBC-Zentrale in Shanghai wurden von ihnen entworfen).Baue.Nach unzähligen Höhen und Tiefen des Huangpu River, Shanghai hat fast ein Jahrhundert der kulturellen Kontinuität bezeugt. Nun, der Bund Garden, der fast hundert Jahre Geschichte und Kulturklassiker angesammelt hat, wird würdevoll unter der Erwartung der Öffentlichkeit wiedergeboren. Das Zijinshan Hotel von Shanghai Guoxin, das im Luxus-Sterne-Hotel erfahren hat, wurde umgebaut, und das Hotel mit exquisiten, eleganten und geschmackvollen Features wird vor Ihnen präsentiert.Das Hotel verfügt über 9-klassische Boutique-Zimmer.Durch die geschnitzten hölzernen Ecktreppen tauchte das Leben der Adligen in den 1930er Jahren wieder auf: die Einrichtung im Gästezimmer wurde komplett nach dem ursprünglichen Muster restauriert, der Türrahmen und das Glas behielten die Originalobjekte in 19208 so weit wie möglich, und der Kamin, der den ehemaligen Marmorstil wieder auftauchte, machte die Leute auch an die warme Brücke im alten Film erinnern.Die Fenster der Gästezimmer sind speziell mit doppelter Schalldämmung gestaltet, wodurch sich die Menschen zu Hause wohl fühlen.
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  • jlyangjl
    Old hotel, and hotel prices.
  • interunip
    Western classical style of the hotel, in the city, but there is a quiet small yard with old church in the background. very nice and gave me a free upgrade of the room.
  • alanfong123
  • cat8785003
    A very good environment
  • elain_wanglei
    Good hotel! next time!
  • Alice2048
    Hotel elegant environment and convenient transportation service
  • ligreat76
    Very good hotel, very unique, there is no elevator, but it feels good
  • YUFU10
    Outside the hotel and the environment great front visible church, hotel, Villa, very quiet. rooms are very large, breakfast is delivered to your room, great service.
  • gejun1022
  • ccacross
    I is see has evaluation only scheduled this hotel of, results is disappointed, I even think front those praise is with non-normal means get of. hotel location good, distance Nanjing Road is near, House also is old. but service is General, Shanghai people of features is obviously. room in of Bath robe actually wrote with orange Crystal, bathing dew, shampoo,, (see figure) are not full of a bottle. as you to don't live in here, you himself shots. was wants to find hotel manual, knotFruits found drawer in the bedside table and retained the previous guests rubbish, what rubbish, you know.
  • lifengbo888
    Pretty good
  • e05401689
    I can only say that was really great! service! stay comfortable! Good location!
  • gtjxiang
    Environment is also good, very old, I feel pretty good
  • cindyjiang2010
    Sorry no photos, hotel and the rooms are very good, close to the Bund and Nanjing Road is close to the temple, the service is also very good!
  • annjoyxu
    Near the Bund on Nanjing Road, in a quiet, Shanghai Yun, and good service.
  • e02406220
    Old villas! no soundproofing!
  • liming317200
    Whole hotel to people a rich private of feel to of day has is late has, outside Xia with rain Guard help umbrella and sent to hotel door lobby small brother people is make SIAO a a people help added bed greeting next day of breakfast room in 2 layer, is has history sense is said to have is when of Alabama-Dan took building firm window sets, entrance and wall surface decorative is has brother special style
  • piaolinag
    Good location, City Center in a quiet, spacious, very fond of?
  • Careless
    Very near from Bund, tour easily. facilities are complete, antique, service was good, the breakfast is also very good ... to experience the taste of the Bund, and the best choice
  • cc07084213
    Great experience
  • ALAN808
    Hankow Road, hotel is located in the quiet, away from the pedestrian Bund line 2 metro station, very close to walking for about 5 minutes, and want to experience ten miles of old house worth recommending!
  • melody_ld
    Location were very good, quiet, and was just a little outer wall decoration, but does not affect occupancy, not suitable for photographs. style and elegant style of the room in the House, like, service was very good, like.
  • gabybree
    Very close to the Bund and Nanjing Road, once selected it-
  • Fred7187
    Which is very nice
  • danaboy
    Nice like the decoration has foreign flavor
  • adurey
    Quite hotel
  • niemei
    Too expensive, price is not high
  • andeywang
    Not any service at all, staying at the front desk were also cold, sent without a word lay down breakfast breakfast is also not a Word, rude, in short, very dissatisfied, does not choose to live here
  • fengge3246
    Scheduled instead of friends, she loved it!
  • daisy_lan2011
    Shanghai old House, old facilities, service is good.
  • fan258407857
    Hotel good service!
  • jenny135
    Old house in Shanghai, Western European style, professional accommodation, breakfast simple, service star, intransigent, near the Bund and convenient
  • fooling9
    Good value for money, houses, typical European Hotel feel, God send Butler out of the keys, or very interesting. breakfast so-so. more than 700 or so price, in that position, I feel great
  • DrLingCN
    Which is very nice
  • jiyunmei
    Location is impeccable, from the Bund, Nanjing Road is one step away. Quiet. But the service needs to be improved, doormen and front desk are college level summer jobs. Breakfast is OK, quite poor quality, maximum level of 3 star hotels. Hope there will be improvement, otherwise sorry level of construction and the price of cultural relics.
  • e02814476
    Hotel location is very good, very old-school style of Shanghai is very clean
  • cicier
    Great location, downtown; and good attitude, facilities, shopping
  • Bigpond
    My husband and son very satisfied, mainly location were very good, quiet, service was very good, room in the House style is elegant and stylish, like, service was very good, like.
  • candy750715
    Overall very good!
  • paipai19900728
    Nice, more convenient transportation, will choose to stay.
  • cassie_lu
    Hotel facilities are old, bad sound insulation, air conditioning noise. your environment, around the bustling, is not very good for a taxi
  • LULULAN314
    Good ^ _ ^
  • leebao
    Not any service at all, staying at the front desk were also cold, sent without a word lay down breakfast breakfast is also not a Word, rude, the attitude seemed to be people on duty at night Inn, want to check out the first day, in short, very dissatisfied, does not choose to live here, it's hard to imagine how bad this ancient hotel service like this?
  • doro14
    Hotel looks nice.
  • dee0301
    Good value for money, houses, typical European hotel
  • cc-feng
    General feeling of no five-star up Samsung
  • Peach fish ~ ~
    Also, air conditioning is unlikely to force ...
  • deerlinna
    Very unique hotels
  • bigdon888
    Environmental Shang, but breakfast is too simple, great value is not high
  • e00039005
    Very good hotel is very convenient for shopping around for dinner